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          The advantages of granite testing platform 2019/02/15
          Granite testing platform is a tool for marking and inspection of precision processing enterprises. In terms of high-precision measurement, due to the characteristics of the granite detection platform, its application is more and more extens...
          China 's granite measuring industry overview 2019/02/15
          Granite gage is a measurement tool for the precision instrument industry. There are many types of granite gages, including granite slabs, granite slabs, granite squares, etc. In short, various granite gages can Meet the different geometric...
          Mechanical processing of granite mechanical components 2019/02/15
          Granite mechanical components using granite and other stone as precision machinery parts is a new direction for the development of precision measuring instruments and precision machinery. Precision machining and micro-machining technology i...
          The function and advantages of granite detection platform 2019/02/15
          Granite testing platform features and advantages: 1: long-term natural aging, the structure of the rock even a small linear expansion coefficient, the internal stress completely disappeared, no deformation, so the measurement accuracy is hi...
          The history of stone machinery development process 2019/02/15
          Stone processing machinery has a long history, since the earths own human activities, there are stone processing, so that archaeologists to the ancient days of mankind is divided into the Paleolithic and Neolithic Age. In the Paleolithic Ag...